How to Manifest Money that will Make a Difference

One of the first things many people who embrace personal development want to know is how to manifest money that will make a difference to their lives.

After all, we are all material beings and as such we all live in a material universe, so naturally we are attracted to material things.

how to manifest moneyIf you look around you, it's obvious that most people want to be able to make money easily and quickly to improve their social standing.

People in the main want to free themselves from financial shackles which may be holding them monetarily captive and preventing them from realizing the true value of their lives.

Creating Wealth

What is the easiest way to attract the money you need that will create wealth for yourself?

Most people who already have vast wealth are unlikely to give you the answer you need. But if they did, it would be something along the lines of the following:

These things may indeed increase your income, but they will never create significant wealth.

There is more to life than simply following the corporate blueprint to be a first class employee or the best at what you do as long as you maintain employment with a company that values your skills and knowledge.

In fact, in order to create true wealth, you need to tear down that employee mindset altogether!

All in the Mind

I'll assume that you already know the mind is the source of inspiration, creative ideas and cutting-edge concepts.

The mind is a gift that every human being possesses. If there is one thing in life that can make us all equally better in every way, this is it.

But fewer than 5 people in 100 use their most valuable asset to make changes to their lives. Those few in every crowd do so with a level of enthusiasm that would be expected if they were aware of the opportunities that are available!

The sad truth is that most people let others control their minds, sometimes without realizing that this is happening. They allow someone to control their thoughts.

Mental Control

What do people usually do when they arrive home at the end the workday?

They watch TV!

Do you know exactly what happens in your mind while you are watching television? To your mind? Your greatest asset is your mind!

The television program takes the place of imagination. Instead of the brain generating new ideas or inspiration, TV programs guide the mind, showing it (visually, audibly, and verbally) what to think, how to feel and where to travel.

It absorbs your attention into the program to the point that you can feel emotions as a result of what is happening. It's a lot like using the Law of Attraction to attract the emotional experience that he makers of the TV show intended you should feel.

When a bad guy stealthily stalks a female along a dark and lonely street, you feel the tension, the anticipation, of fear. You can feel the excitement of a kiss between a boy and a girl when they finally consent to it.

It seems to be real because you are experiencing real emotions. The scene was created by actors in a studio, and your mind has been fooled into thinking it's real.

You believe it to be true because the power of your thoughts has been hijacked. You're being cheated!

Try this yourself if you're not convinced:

Let yourself be completely absorbed by a program on TV. Then at some point, deliberately pull yourself out of the TV program and have a thought independent.

Have you noticed how you suddenly found yourself back in your own body on the sofa, surrounded by your imaginary world?

Is there a connection between manifesting wealth and any of the above?

There sure is!

What the Mind Believes

You can use your imagination to achieve the same effect as television does. It is a powerful and flexible tool, but only if you are able to harness it through mental discipline.

Step 1: Shut the TV off. Don't let the external influences of your television control how you feel, think and act.

Step 2: You should instead allow your imagination (which is what it was designed to do) to take over.

It is your job to learn how to quieten the mind. Use a state of meditation to release the blockages created by busy minds. This is what causes us to resist good things in our lives!

It's possible that we want to attract substantial wealth into our lives, but by creating so much mental noise, we are blocking it. The obstacles we create within ourselves are a result of negative self-talk and feelings.

In order to achieve this, we must first develop a positive mindset that believes in our abilities. We act in a positive manner when we believe that something is true.

Practice Makes Money

As with everything in life, it takes practice to quieten down the mind and let ideas form.

You can use your imagination to come up with ideas when you are calm and not occupied with endless internal chatter about things you don't want.

Most of these ideas will never be realized, but there are some that have great potential. You must recognize when something is working and seize the opportunity for it to be developed in the real-world.

Believe in the idea you have and in what you believe you can achieve. Magic will begin to happen. It might not happen at once but you'll slowly see all the pieces fall into place.

Be aware that there will be roadblocks, and even failures.

It's part of the journey and you have to keep your faith in yourself by refusing to let anything get you down. Recognize obstacles and failures as lessons that you can use to improve yourself and achieve more.

This will make your resolve to succeed even stronger. Never stop believing you can have a better life than where you are now.


When you have embraced the concept of maintaining mental calm no matter what life is throwing at you, you are on your way to developing the mindset that will manifest wealth, happiness and abundance in your life.

A calm mind is a clear mind and a clear mind can think clearly, generate new ideas and work out a plan for acting on those ideas. An enthusiastically acted upon plan will naturally attract all the resources it needs to succeed!

First Published: July 18, 2023