The Law of Attraction

Much has been said and written about the Law of Attraction since the release of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne back in 2006. Let's look at that in some detail here.

The Law's main attraction for many people is in its use to attract money or wealth to a person who is in need of it. Of course that's only a small marginal aspect of what is an all-encompassing law for the overall improvement of a person.

the law of attractionHowever, since we live in physical bodies and these correspond to the material world, it's only normal to want an abundance of the one thing that can bring us so much in that physical realm. Money is essentially the vehicle that enables us to obtain things we need or desire to make our lives more comfortable or free from the financial constraints of not having enough of it.

The Desire for Money

Since the beginnings of civilized society as we know it, the concept of money has been there to allow free trade of goods while at the same time enslaving the population through the very nature of the stuff. Many believe that money is evil, but the truth is that money itself is merely a benign vehicle for exchange with no underlying intent.

It is the way money changes a person that creates the ″evil″ when it is desired so strongly and obsessively that a person will do some terrible things to obtain it. Or misuse it to pay for the terrible deeds of others.

Another evil aspect of the way in which us humans misuse money is in its enslavement through debt. Once a person gets into monetary debt by owing more money than they have or can accumulate in the short term, they are under the power of the creditor.

The creditor is typically a bank or money lender and it is easy to see why the Bible informs us of the instances where Jesus is said to have ejected evil money lenders from his presence. There is a very powerful lesson in those texts that it is plain that most people miss completely or they would never allow themselves to get into debt in the first place!

Attracting Money

While the money lenders (bankers) have cumulatively become richer and more powerful through the ages at the expense of the poor citizen who works all their life to pay their debts, there has always been a way to turn fortunes around for everyone.

That way is aptly called "The Secret" since it is something very few people know about and of those few, even fewer are making use of it to their advantage. The biggest secret of all is that this ″Secret″ which is really the Law of Attraction (see:, is hidden in plain sight of everybody!

The process of attracting money to yourself is far more than simply sitting in a chair and wishing for a bundle of the stuff to land in your lap!

Attracting money takes concerted mental and physical effort over a reasonable period of time to bring its getting to fruition. Most people are unwilling to sacrifice their comforts and conveniences for any kind of effort on their part that would produce favorable results.

This is why "The Secret" has been kept as such for all of humanity's history apart from a few enlightened souls that were prepared to make that sacrifice. Today we know them as the super rich, corporation moguls or financial leaders of our time.

Yet for all these people used all of their mental faculties to the fullest and made many sacrifices to attract and cultivate their wealth, the vast majority of people hold them in contempt for their achievements. This is most likely, in most cases due to the fact that they don't have the wealth themselves but they conceal that by collectively vilifying the rich.

Yet instead of wasting all that energy on hating certain people, it is far better to turn that energy on yourself and use it to improve your own financial situation. With the Law of Attraction working in your life, all you need to do is get in harmony with it to receive your good.

Attracting Good

The most important thing of all is not necessarily the thing you may think it is. Money and financial freedom are great to have, but are both worthless if your health is failing or you're absolutely miserable because you're alone in life and unable to form happy, fulfilling relationships with others!

The first step in attracting the good you desire is to start working with yourself to attract good health and happiness. That can happen with a combination of you actually wanting that to happen and then setting the wheels in motion to bring it about.

You can wish and dream all you want, but without definite action, nothing much will ever change in your life.

If you want good health, but are busy munching away on pizzas, hamburgers and fries, cakes and chocolate every day, I think you're common sense will tell you that must stop! To get healthy, you must first eat healthy!

That's a physical action that must happen before the spiritual or energetic action can manifest. It all starts with the mind and the mind is channelled and controlled by the will.

Once you can set yourself on the path to healthy eating, exercise and relaxation with some measure of discipline, you can harness the mental power of the Law of Attraction to complete the overall picture. Good health is an enjoyable state to be in and when you're in that state, it's a lot easier to feel happy and contented.

Your self esteem rises along with your confidence and before you know it, you're becoming attractive to other people that want to be in your company. From those small beginnings will grow personal relationships that are meaningful and fulfilling!

It all starts with a state of mind and a state of wanting to be better than you are right now. Then one step at a time, changes can start to be made as you attract the things you feel, rather than just attracting what you want.