The Secret: What is It, How Does It Work?

Let's talk about the popular book and movie by Rhonda Byrne called The Secret. What is it, how does it work and why should I learn all about this crazy stuff?

First of all, it's not crazy at all, at least not once you start getting past the initial "it doesn't fit into my material world" way of thinking.

To expand as a human being and grow, it is necessary to throw off the shackles of materialism and stop conforming to the existence everyone else believes is the only existence. You need to step out of your comfort zone and into the scary zone!

What is the Secret?

the secretTo get the ball rolling, I'll briefly explain just exactly what the Secret really is and then we can progress onto the other hows and whys and so on.

In the book/movie, the secret is explained by a series of presenters as being that invisible force that exerts influence on everything that exists.

They call it the Law of Attraction and explain it as being a force just as real as the force of gravity, which is also invisible and undetectable by our normal human senses.

The Law can be explained as being an attractive or repulsive force governing the state of energy in a state of vibration at certain frequencies.

Like energy attracts like energy. By that, I mean an energy field that is vibrating at a certain frequency is attracted to another energy field that is vibrating at the same frequency.

Since our scientists already tell us that everything is energy (made up of atoms), this force is exerted on everything, from solid objects to energy waves such as light, sound, radio or even thought itself.

The Power of Thought

If you haven't already heard this, thought is a measurable form of wave energy, just as real as radio waves, heat or light waves, sound and pressure, for example. Some of these states of energy we can sense (we can see light, feel heat, hear sound), others we can't (we can't sense radio waves or see light waves that are outside the wavelength our eyes can detect, such as ultra-violet).

The difference between most other forms of energy and thought energy is our thoughts can be created and altered, altering their frequency, at will through our ability to direct our minds to think whatever we want to think.

If that wasn't enough to get your head around, I should also point out that our emotions are also energy fields that vibrate on certain frequencies that can be changed as we change our emotional state.

How Does the Law of Attraction Work?

I have already explained how it works in a separate article on the law of attraction, so if you want a full explanation, please click that link and go read that article, then come back here when you're done.

Suffice it to say, attraction is a force that draws energy fields vibrating on a certain frequency toward other, separate energy fields also vibrating on the same frequency.

While it is easier for the imagination to envisage energy fields as separate entities to simplify the explanation of what attraction is, the reality is that all energy is connected across the entire universe.

However, to keep things as simple as possible, let's just assume that I'm talking about separate energy fields when I describe individual thoughts.

When you're thinking thoughts of happiness, you tend to also feel emotionally happy. So it follows that our thoughts and emotions are connected.

So those happy thoughts, combined with happy feelings tend to attract other people that are feeling the same way. The same goes for feeling sad or angry and you attract sad or angry people to you.

You have almost certainly experienced this in your own life, where you were feeling a certain way and for no apparent reason you seemed to meet people that felt the same way as you.

Making the Secret Work for You

We can make use of this knowledge to our advantage, since the Law works for everybody, all the time because we are all energy and we are all connected.

Let's say, for example that you want to attract some money. This is probably one of the biggest attractions of, well, attraction!

First you need to get solid about exactly how much money you want to attract to you. Be specific here and even write it down, as well as the exact date you expect that money to be in your possession.

Then some time using your imagination to picture yourself with that money. In your mind's eye, see yourself using that money exactly the way you want to use it and also, very importantly, feel the feelings of having that money and using it the way you want to, while also feeling grateful for having it.

Do this often, every day.

What will happen is you will begin to attract the people and the circumstances necessary for you to actually be in possession and using that money because the energy fields in the universe will align and attract like to like. You will not magically make a stack of cash drop into your lap, but you will cause people and situations to come into your life that will make the money come as well.

It could be landing a great new job or if you are in business, landing a new business partner or a contract that will ensure the money comes to you in accordance with what you do from that point onward.

One thing to be aware of is that nothing happens unless you make it happen. If what you want it in physical form, like money, then you have to take physical action to create the situation where that money will be paid to you for something you have given up, such as your services or your ideas or your products you sell.

That is how the Secret works in the real world and why it is such a powerful force when used correctly.